gantry cranes

Custom Gantry Cranes

Here are just a few of the more unique custom gantries we have manufactured over the years.


The crane above is in a nuclear facility in the Carolina's. Rated cap. 6,000 lbs. and is 15' under the beam. It also has the ability to have a 2' cantilever from the legs at the wall end. (Note the adjustable legs)

Custom All Terrain

Custom 8,000 Lb Cap T Frame

Custom T Frame fixed caster gantry

Custom A Frame that the bases road on two different levels

Custom 4,000 Lb Cap A Frame with electric winch for lifting load



This custom gantry crane was manufactured for Intel to service one of their machines for manufacturing. Oregon


This particular model is a custom Removable Leg gantry with rubber foot pads and 1" hole spacings. It was designed specifically for Caterpillar for use in repairing their yacht engines. The compact design enables them to position it in the confined spaces of the cruisers engine compartment. Florida

Toshiba contacted us to design and manufacture 10 custom gantry cranes (shown above and below on the catwalk) to install and maintain pumping equipment for a new hydro electric dam in Michigan.


The above custom gantry crane was manufactured for a nuclear power plant in New Hampshire . Note the dual I beam design that was specifically engineered for their application. The main load beam attached to a wall thus eliminating the need for lateral bracing.


This particular model gantry was designed for animal rescue. South Florida  


Photos Above and below Another Nuke plant, this one is New York State. This crane has three main vertical legs indicated by the blue arrows. It needed to be able to be broken down in order to be assembled in the confined space shown above and below. Cap. 8,000 lb. and 12"5" under the beam height was required.



This A2P1010 Removable Leg gantry is completely hard anodized with stainless steel particulate casters for a clean room environment. Ontario, CN

battery lift 2 battery lift 1

A cell tower company needed a custom gantry that could be placed up tight against the wall (right photo) so that their batteries could be placed 5" from the wall (left photo).

This gantry crane was made for assembling over a working conveyor system. Ontario, CN.

This custom gantry crane was designed for a power station in Illinois to change impellers on their pumps.

This customer has multiple gantry cranes designed and manufactured by us for their service department. They manufacture a line of Cancer Therapy units and ship the gantries worldwide for the servicing of their machines. Madison, WI


This gantry crane had to roll through an 84" door fully assembled, in the lowest position. They also needed the ability to reach 11' under the beam in the highest position, with specific hole positioning in between. Albuquerque, NM.